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likas papaya sopa

Likas Papaya Soap is appropriate for nearly all types of skin and effective against all types of skin disorders. Regular use of Likas Papaya Soap would lightens and soften the skin. It rejuvenates the tired skin. Your skin will feel younger and healthier.

Benefits of Likas Papaya Soap

  • Provide fair complexion of face and body.
  • Removes pimples and scars
  • Prevent your skin from harmful rays and pollution.
  • Contains papaya enzymes that help in preventing your skin from several skin disorders.
  • Likas Papaya Soap is already a trusted and reliable name in providing skin whitening solutions.
  • Effective against freckles, skin blemishes, wrinkles and aging process.
  • Lighten and whitens the skin including under arms, elbows, bikini lines etc.
  • Completely safe and natural. We are direct importers and distributors of Likas Papaya Soap, hence you will get this product at much affordable rates and we also ensure the originality of the product.


Likas Papaya Soap would provide you maximum fairness and whitening solution after the regular use of 8 weeks. The noticeable results however can be found within 2 weeks of usage. Normally the lotion is safe for all age groups and for all kinds of people but still if itching persists than discontinue the usage of the soap and consult your doctor.

Active Ingredients present in Likas Papaya Soap:

Natural papaya enzyme, Mineral Oil, Glycerin, Vitamin A & E, and other herbal extracts.


Apply the lotion twice or thrice a day especially after the cleansing the skin areas where you would like to apply the lotion. For better results it is always advisable to use Likas whitening soap for whole body. This is the original Likas Papaya Soap imported from Kuwait, not a duplicate one.