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Renew Glutathione Soap

Renew Glutathione

Benefits and main features of the soap:

Renew Glutathione soap is one of the great formulations available in the market contains natural and safe ingredients to provide you great looking skin. The ingredients present in the Renew Glutathione soap are pity much similar to what exist in the Renew Glutathione cream. The soap contains anti-septic elements such as keratolytic agents that are known to have exfoliating properties helps in reducing pimples in a really quick manner. Renew Glutathione soap also contains lactic acids which are known to have some famous elements such as conditioner, exfoliates, enhance hydration and also soften skin. The soap also contains whitening and anti-aging elements. The soap contains anti-oxidants and therefore it is harmless to us. The natural composition of the soap further makes it safer to use. Renew glutathione soap makes your skin glowing and healthier. It can quickly remove pimples without leaving spots or any kind of marks on your face or body. The soap is completely safe for all groups of people of all ages.

Active ingredients Presents in the Soap:

Glutathione, Vitamin A, C, E, Grape seed extract, Soya Glycerin, and distilled water.

Directions for use:

Renew Glutathione soap can be applied on your face and whole body during bath or taking showers. Just apply the soap throughout your body especially on the affected parts of body and leave the soap on your body for at least 2 or 3 minutes. Then wash it. Massage lightly on your face or body. If you feel sever itching than don’t apply the soap. Mild itching is however normal. It is recommended to apply skin moisturizer creams after the usage of Renew Glutathione soap to prevent of dryness on your skin.